Body & Breath Massage

The mission of Body & Breath Massage is for you to feel heard, cared for and empowered on your health and wellness journey. Body & Breath offers three ways for you to receive therapeutic treatment and to optimize your health and wellbeing. You can book a massage therapy treatment, book massage therapy treatment with added modality of yoga, or book a private yoga or meditation session.

Tess’ massage therapy style is very effective, soothing and grounding. She creates a
treatment plan based on what she hears from you, your goals and the physical story your body tells upon assessment. Using a mix of therapeutic techniques with soothing flow for the best of both massage worlds – relaxing and therapeutic. Massage Therapy can be used to treat physical dysfunction, pain, chronic injuries, postural imbalances and a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

Yoga is the practice of creating union between your body, breath and mind. By integrating yoga into your wellness routine – either as a modality in a massage therapy treatment or on it’s own as a private class – you will become more aware of the subtle messages your body and mind are telling you. By developing this awareness you will feel more empowered in your health and wellness journey. Yoga can help you meet your goals with greater ease, build strength, flexibility, and build
a strong body-mind connection.

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